Form Da 1380

Detailed Instruction For Completing DA-1380 Form Online

In the U.S. there are lots of military forms intended for different purposes. One of the most popular is DA-1380 form. It is applied for recording of individual performance or reserve duty trainings. It is completed by on monthly basis to cover such issues as non-unit reserve training other than Army Extension Courses and equivalent duty or other duty performed by reservists assigned to USAR units.
To avoid any misunderstandings or delays it has to be duly executed. To facilitate the process of preparing complete a sample in PDF on this website online. There are multiple benefits for those who fill out documents online. All the customers are provided with step-by-step instruction that help them to not get confused and prepare it properly according to requirements.

Find below the list of simple steps that will help you to complete your DA-1380 online with ease:

  • go to the website to choose a suitable document template;

  • then click the “Start now” button to open it;

  • after clicking the “Text” button, start inserting all the requested data into fillable fields, i.e.:

    • current date;

    • name and address of the reporting agency;

    • details about the recipient;

    • individual`s full name, grade and branch;

    • details about duty performed.

  • edit your file with various editing tools, if necessary;

  • once a template is completed, click the “Done” button to choose what to do next;

  • sign it, send for signing or share with a recipient straight from the source without any downloads.

You also can convert your DA-1380 to other needed formats in no time. Remember to sign a document before sending it to a recipient. We offer you take an advantage of e-signature. Just draw it, type or capture with a webcam.