Form Da 1380

What Format is Suitable for DA-1380 Form?

There is a number of military forms in the U.S. that are used for different purposes. One of the frequently used still is DA-1380 form. It is applied for recording of individual performance or reserve duty training. It has to be prepared on monthly basis to cover such issues as non-unit reserve training other than Army Extension Courses and equivalent duty or other duty performed by reservists assigned to USAR units.

Form DA-1380 is created by a commanding officer of a unit or by a chief of the proponent agency for the project. In some cases a reservist can fill it out. In this situation the reservist has to fill out all the sections except for a signature. After that, a document is signed by an authorized official of a unit.
We offer you to save your time and efforts and prepare a document on this website online. Here you will find an editable sample in PDF and detailed instruction how to fill it out. Find below the list of data required:

  • date of creating;

  • reporting agency;

  • data about a recipient;

  • applicant`s full name, grade and branch;

  • description of duty performed;

  • date of duty or training performance;

  • total hours worked;

  • nature of duties or training performed.

On this website you can e-sign a document in most convenient way, i.e. by typing, drawing or capturing a signature with a webcam. You can effortlessly edit a DA-1380 sample according to your needs with various editing tools.

The most appropriate format for your files is PDF. It offers the users a number of benefits. It is uneditable, so no one can change data in a file without your permission. Moreover, you can protect it with a password or limit access to it by making some settings. One more advantage is that PDF is supported by almost all devices and it is very easy to share and view.