Form Da 1380

Where to Find DA Form 1380 Sample?

DA-1380 is one of the frequently used military forms in the U.S. Its purpose is recording of individual performance or reserve duty trainings. It has to be completed on monthly basis by the commanding officer of a unit or by the chief of the proponent agency for the project.

This document is usually prepared in order to cover such issues as non-unit reserve training other than Army Extension Courses and equivalent duty as well as other duty performed by reservists assigned to USAR units.

In order to save your time and efforts we offer you to complete a fillable DA-1380 sample in PDF on this source. You have an ability to fill it out online or download on a computer or a smartphone. The form includes two pages, where one is a blank itself and another presents the instructions how to fill it out correctly.

Preparing a sample on this website you are provided with a step-by-step instruction. Find below the list of required data that should be specified in a da-1380 template:

  • date of preparing;

  • name and address of the reporting agency;

  • name and address of the recipient;

  • individual`s full name, grade and branch;

  • type of duty performed;

  • exact date of duty, training or instruction performance;

  • total number of hours;

  • nature of duties, trainings or instruction performed.

Note that a completed form must be signed by the officer, otherwise it will be invalid. Creating a document on this website, you have an ability to sign it electronically. You can type your signature, draw it or capture using a webcam. A completed template can be edited according to your needs with the help of various editing tools. After you finish, send a document to a recipient straight from the source by email or fax. All the samples are printable, so you can easily print them out in no time, if needed.