Form Da 1380

Who Can Sign DA-1380 Form?

DA-1380 is a document also known as A Record of Individual Performance or Reserve Duty Training. This is an important part of the whole structure since it helps to keep a track of the completed actions. It has to be prepared in accordance with set rules and requirements. The form consists of two pages. The first one is to present the content, when the second provides some of the instruction.

Read carefully all the info below to get the idea of the proper content.

  1. Specify the date you fill out the document.
  2. Provide your address in the unit.
  3. Indicate the year, month and day of the end of your retirement. In case, you don’t know exactly, search for the information on the Army Reserve Portal.
  4. Write the full name of the recipient.
  5. Mention the rank, branch and unit.
  6. Then it comes to entering details concerned the work you have performed. Specify dates, hours, points, nature of duties, or training.
  7. Provide name, grade and position of guiding officer.
  8. The last gap is for signature.

Note that only NCO or officer can sign the document.

In case, you have completed some courses on your own and wish to get money in return, you have to attach a specific paper that confirms your achievement. The DA Form 1380 is supposed to be sent on a monthly basis. Its destination usually depends on whether you are assigned to a unit or not.
To organize all mentioned above data you don’t have to look for a paper blank. Just go to a certain website and find digital templates, easy to fill and send. You can even customize the sheet to make it more suitable.

If the blank form is constructed in the PDF format you may always convert it into another one which seems to be more appropriate for set requirements and conditions. If necessary, you may print the paper and fill it out by hand. Then make several copies to keep one and have the ability to show it when asked.